Who We Are

The Members of the MUM boards of Governance have significant experience in works of this nature. Between us we have developed several other vibrant and effective non profit foundations that are making a difference on several fronts in Indonesia. In addition MUM's board members without exception have long term experience in working In Indonesia (on average 25 years each) this creates a base of understanding of practical issues that affect the success of any given endeavor in this country. We understand how to deliver aid and provide practical solutions in a precise fashion, bringing assistance directly to those members of Indonesian communities most in need because of natural disasters, extremist activities, or poverty.

Concept & Founder
Richard Flax

Board Members

Pendiri (Formal Founders of the Organisation)

Dr Andre Dipa
Head of the Sanglah Hospital Emergency Department (Indonesian Citizen) Nurse Kim Patra
Australian Midwife now an Indonesian Citizen

Pengawas - Overseeing Board

Viebeke Asana
Senior member of the organization of 17 banjars (village councils) that make up the Kuta area (Indonesian Citizen)

Linda Garland
Long term resident head of the Bamboo foundation (Indonesian Citizen)

Nattalia Sinclaire
Founder of Kanak-kanak Montessori School Bali (Indonesian Citizen)

Pengurus - Board of Directors

Budi Harsono
Chairman - Indonesian Citizen

Hanny Wijaja
Treasurer ; Accountant at Surfer Girl ; Our treasurer (Indonesian Citizen)

Petra Schneider
Founder of the IDEP Foundation - Indonesian Citizen

*MUM - Manusia Untuk Masyarakat (People for the Community)