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Mt Merapi, The largest active volcano in North East Java left a trail of destruction in its wake, tearing apart the lives of thousands. The Tsunami off the southern coast of East Java left broken homes and the Earthquake in Jogyakarta central east Java spread havoc and heartbreak for hundreds of thousands.

Add to this the (arguably) man made disaster of the unstoppable mud flow from a drilling exploration near Surabaya central East Java and within a relatively small area the total tale of destruction to those least able to withstand such disaster is immense.

When the devastating Earthquake struck in Jogyakarta in May 2006 there was an immediate reaction and aid and poured into the area. This short-term assistance while desperately needed soon dried up.

A drive through the area some nine months later confirmed that little had been done to assist the population of Bantul and other communities with redevelopment of basic infrastructure necessary for a return to normality.

The MUM Foundation Kindergarten project has at latest count, completed 64 Kindergartens in Java and Bali confirming that the MUM principal of insinuating aid with a simple bottom up approach is most effective.

The License granted by the Indonesian authorities creates for MUM the opportunity to insinuate effective aid projects into the areas that need it most with the least amount of fuss and intervention from peripheral agencies.

More recently a serious earthquake in Bandung in West Java in September 2009 created havoc recently four new kindergartens were opened in 2012 in the area by the MUM Foundation.

The initiative has now moved to Bali the first kindergarten in Canggu district was opened in 2010 Another school was opened in March 2013 inKarangasem region in East Bali.

The provision of kindergarten schools and equipment is a first step in creating a positive future for children affected by disaster or just poverty. Whilst the result is only a small scratch on the surface of the overall problem, it is a tangible proof of the concept that the people of the planet do have the resources and can make a real difference.

In conjunction with the Happy Hearts Foundation of the USA we are delighted to be able to continue this work and provide an ongoing conduit for small but meaningful assistance for those with the greatest need.

The IDEP foundation who's Chairperson Petra Schneider is on MUM's board of directors has worked in conjunction with our Kindergarten project to develop Herb and Medicinal plant gardens in the newly developed schools in Bantul. This is a prime example of the networking that MUM employs bringing solutions to some of the problems faced in Indonesia.

We thank you all for all your support. A full list of donors and committed individuals plus details of the completed projects and work in progress can be found by accessing the

Bantul Kindergarten Project web site below

Note: Yayasan M.U.M is a fully legal potential partner for any Charities sharing the same goals that are legally registered outside of Indonesia. Donations will go to the Yayasan M.U.M. bank account and will be distributed directly to the chosen project.

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