Primary Education Through the Medium of Film

Education is fundamental to empower people and a basic tool with which to create meaningful change for people in primary poverty areas.

The most urgent message is one of education for the impoverished global community and empowerment for individual groups of disadvantaged village communities. All to frequently the intended recipients of well meant aid, find themselves at the end of a long line that stretches to infinity. Frequently aid becomes caught up in chaos in times of disaster and does not reach those that need it.

In Indonesia education through documentary film is a cardinal tool with which to reach communities whose members may not have reading and writing skills.

We draw upon two globally successful documentary films made in Indonesia by members of the existing team. Both films have been seen by global audiences. These films asked questions about the effect of development and changes to the existing social and environmental status quo.

The answers create what has become a unique template for the development of truly empowering educational tools and techniques.

The outcomes of these films, with a 25 year differential time line suggests easily understandable solutions with which to resolve the common issues facing communities world wide who share dilemmas born of disaster or uncontrolled development.

MUM is planning the third film in this trilogy. This new film will directly respond to the challenges faced by third world communities struck by disaster or facing development and environmental issues. The first films interview the same characters with a 25 year time differential, these films provide compelling evidence of what can happen and has happened to a simple environment. The solutions born of the intial 2 films will be brought together to create a third film with graphic illustrations of simple but effective suggestions for sustainable futures.

Film History

We made two one hour long documentary films, the first for the BBC World About US series in 1977 and the second made in 2001 for the ABC (Australia) and financed by the Film Finance Corporation. This became the ABC's "Accord" film of the year.

These films can be easily understood by any one with their graphic before and after pictures.

The wealth of instruments and techniques which have developed to address problems become an educational tool. The media and instructional cds produced in the past years from GUS and IDEP and other local foundations provide a tool kit for the use of needy communities Indonesia wide.

The creation of this third film as we introduce these existing and proven solutions will provide a globally unique tool for those who really need it.

Our objective is to establish true dialogue with those in dire need, to promote better understanding of the nature of the problems they may or do face. Peer group experience illustrates through the medium of film tangible and achievable outcomes developed as a result of need. Many of the issues involve future consequences of planning and infrastructure development. Our films provide infomation based upon experience. We will provide the tools to instigate a true bottom-up empowerment for communities in the greatest need .