March 2015 Newsletter

We have had a sensational start to 2015 and daily life is busy as usual.

Many new children and lots of activity at Jodie O’Shea.

This month we thought we will share some words from some of our beautiful children who have been with us at Jodie O’Shea for many years

and grown into amazing, inspirational young adults succeeding in the workforce.


Latest Arrivals

We welcome with love our 2 little ones to their new home.

Lylla just over a year old and Arya is only 4 months old.

May we give you all the love you both need now and in the future.


Introducing LISA

‘I lived in Jodie O'Shea for 6 years that was a great time for me, I got a good education and a very comfortable place to stay.

Staying in Jodie O'Shea makes me dare to have dreams and I feel given the opportunity I can  make it happen.

I was born to a poor family in a small village in the north of Bali my parents could not afford to pay my school fees,

they are so expensive.

 Now I am 21 years old, I work at a jewellery company in  sales and customer service.

I really enjoy my job.

I am also continuing my studies in the Department of Economics and I can divide my work time and my study time my employer is supporting me with all of this.

I am very lucky.

Thank you Alison & Yanto for making this great family and  thank you to everyone who has supported Jodie O'Shea.

Dreams really do come true.’



Meet Jener

‘My name is Jener,I am 24 years old. I used to one of the kids who stayed at Jodie O’Shea. Here i like to share about my self. I was born in Sumba. Sumba island is one of the dry Island in Indonesia, it’s very hard to get supply of clean water there especialy in my village. But now its bit easy because there are water wells and it made and sponsored by the Rotary Club and that makes us so happy for it.

I’m in Bali since 2002 and i was 11 years old. I was stayed at one of the hard Orphanage in Bali, I stayed there for 3 years, it was really hard for me to live there. After that i moved to Jodie O’Shea Orphanage, i was one of the fisrt kids there at that moment. Jodie O’Shea help me so much for everything that happened in my life until i Graduated from University,  especially Allison and Yanto and also Paddy Glassgow who’s sponsored me for my Uni.

Now I’m Working already in a Tourism, i’ve been working for 3 years, i love this job and i have my own place for live also.

A very big thanks to Jodie O’Shea Orphanage also Allison and Yanto too, for help me for make my life have a Future. I’m so happy for everything between me and Jodie O’Shea.’


As always we are always grateful and humbled by the support and generosity of everyone who helps us and the children.

We hope you have had a great start to 2015 and wish everyone love and happiness throughout the rest of the year…

If you have any enquiries please email Alison directly at


Lots of love

Alison & Yanto xx


May we continue to bring light into the lives of our children"






October 2014 Newsletter

With our new staff settled in and doing a terrific job, and more and more children arriving we are as busy as ever.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way!


How can we thank Rory Young and his colleagues enough for supporting our children.

This is such an amazing opportunity for our children and some of them have GREAT talent we are all very excited it’s a wonderful programme.


The boys in particular love learning the guitar and are often seen scattered around the yard playing their instruments together and singing along.

The lessons help them immensely to gain confidence not only  in their musical abilities but in their every day life



Just like any other children our kids get head lice but what a mission when they all need delousing in ONE GO.

 All the bedding to be done at once and all the children at once.

We are so blessed to have caring volunteers who were doing this without gloves even !!



Thank you so much for doing regular health checks on our children we are blessed to have Bali Kids who care so much and help us keep the children healthy.


We cannot put a value on our many visitors and willing volunteers.  

Some come to spend time with the children, some come with food and donations and some come and use their skills and professions to enhance the children’s lives.

Without the support of  you all we really wouldn’t be able to do what we do for our children.




We have recently welcomed a beautiful young girl named Dina into our home.


Dina on the day she arrived at Jodie O’Shea

Dina with her big brother Yanto 2 days after she arrived

Dina  playing with her little sister Sophia looking a little happier.

As you can see Dina is already experiencing love and happiness that every child deserves, a stark contrast to her traumatic past.

Things are not going to change overnight and Dina is going to need a lot of support and help.

I hope we can erase her pain one day.

The other children have welcomed her with open arms as have our staff, and she is now getting the love she deserves as part of our family here at JOS.  Xx



Always fun times had with the Go Study days out for the children.

So grateful for your ongoing support and love for our children.



We were thrilled to have Jodie O’Shea’s brother visit us a few weeks ago.

Jodie is always in our hearts  and having her brother with us was a blessing and Jodie would be so happy.

It reminds us that out of something so horrible and sad, can come something so beautiful and inspiring.  

Thank you so very,very much Gerard for coming to meet us it was very emotional

for us all but we are so happy that we finally have you in our lives now xxx

LEAVE YOU WITH THIS…until next time!

Every now and then a moment or memory can stop us all in our tracks.

Recently I received a lovely letter from one of our many visitors who brought with them some food, including trays of apples.

A touching and amazing example of these beautiful children learning and growing…


“There was one thing that I will never forget, and I thought I would share it with you.

I bought lots of food (rice, noodles, veggies, fruit and heaps of toiletries) and amongst

this was a few trays of apples.

One of the boys was munching on an apple and another boy asked for a bite.

He gave him a bite. Then another little boy came along and asked for a bite too.

Again, the apple holder gave him a bite.

And before you knew it, there was a line of kids waiting for a bite,

to which the apple holder gave every single one of them a bite!

I patted him on the back (trying not to cry) and said he was very good for sharing his apple.

He took my hand and took me over to a sign that read "share" and just pointed at it.

I was very moved. This just goes to show how much your education and support has helped these kids to be humble "sharing" human beings. I applaud you.”


Please feel free to visit us – we welcome you all.

If you have any enquiries please email Alison directly at


Lots of love

Alison & Yanto xx


May we continue to bring light into the lives of our children"








August 2014 Newsletter
So much has been going on the past month or two with the children.
The children have had some enjoyable holidays, new children arriving and activities galore!


Thank you SO MUCH to Sandra, Robyn & Pak Cakra for making this happen.

What a fabulous couple of days and such great results.

We are planning on extending this further once our new building is finished and we have more garden space for the vegetables.



Thanks to the German exchange students from Udayana University for making this such a fun day for the children.

Cleaning up the rubbish, games, and a picnic ensured a wonderful time was had by everyone.

And all for a good cause in helping keep Bali clean.



Each year in the July holidays we try to organise different activities for our children.

This year some children went to Pemuteran for a few days of relaxation and fun.

Thanks to our staff and volunteers for making this happen.




Challenging but rewarding after they reached the top !!



The smiles speak for themselves – a great day had by all!


Welcome, to our beautiful new family members.
We hope we can provide the love and happiness they all so deserve.

Riwo, Radit, Mega, Kaldi, Raldi, Atasia, Chesle, Reval, Algen, Esto, Ruli, Yekhan



This dance competition was held at Krisna Oleh-Oleh Bali

We are so proud of our girls for winning this competition.

Congratulations to Yessi, Sri,Melda, Cassandra & Nutri.


Lots of love

Alison & Yanto xx

May we continue to bring light into the lives of our children"




Helping Kids in Tragedy’s Trail

Happy Hearts Fund has opened an office in Indonesia to aid in rebuilding children's services after disaster, Katrin Figge writes

By Katrin Figge on August 1, 2013. 1:00 pm

Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova was among the many caught in the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, one of the deadliest natural disasters in history.

Nemcova was staying at a resort in Thailand with her fiance Simon Atlee. When the tsunami hit, Atlee drowned and Nemcova was saved by holding on to a palm tree for several hours. Gravely injured, she spent weeks in hospital, but has since made a full recovery.

read more, please visit http://u/features/helping-kids-in-tragedys-trail/#more-


The Heart of Bali

25 January 2012

Celebrity backers for Mum programs 

28 January 2010

Happy Heart Fund

October 2009

In these very moments so many people and children are fighting for their lives in Bandung and Padang, Indonesia and we are being apprised of the situation by our local partner. HHF's work concentrates on the second phase of response. We recognize the importance and extreme challenges of the first response and we would like to send many blessings to all who are being helped and helping.

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Jakarta Post

8th October 2009

The Care for Sumba Water Project is part of the Jodia O'Shea Orphanage & the MUM Foundation ( Manusia Untuk Masyarakat, MUM)

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Hope Floats

September 14th 2009

AUSSIE swim star Michael Klim and TV favourite Simone Buchanan brought hope to an endangered culture and thousands of desperately poor Indonesian villagers with the launch of the Sumba Water Project.

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Gallery Opens With 'Gotong Royong' Spirit

June 7th, 2008 in Bali

An expensively dressed cocktail crowd, air kissing and fashionista chitchat are the usual hallmarks of art gallery opening. When it is the opening a new gallery it is all that fluff and more.

However, the newly launched Kendra Gallery of Contemporary Art in Seminyak turned all that on its head last Saturday night, when the gallery opening was devoted to raising thousands of dollars for charity

Artist and collectors came...

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Hats off to Benevolent Bali

November 22, 2006

Loved the benevolence of all the charitable guests who packed out Kafe Warisan at a fundraising dinner and auction last week in support of the Bantul Kindergarten Project in Yogyakarta. There are those who “do,” such as tireless humanitarian for children Alison Chester, who founded the project with school teacher Amber Breen, and there are those who “do-nate,” such as the 120 guests who braved the heat of the steamy evening to frock up, don a hat and dig deep into their pockets.  Starting with cocktails at the bar followed by a fantastic three-course spread generously donated by Said and Doudou of Kafe Warisan, the evening saw a number of highlights that is rumored to have raised some US$30,000. Auctioneer Richard Flax turned up the heat as a bidding frenzy broke out over 19 paintings by 4- to 6-year-old artists from Bantul Regency, especially a series of five pictures by 6-year-old child prodigy Putri, which fetched some serious dollars from a major fashion personality. Dayu Sri and Sophie “The Yak” Digby had everyone digging for more as they passed a hat around to receive some Rp11 million from the crowd, who were tippled on generous amounts of wine donated by local suppliers. The evening was a shining example of our generous community and their ability to see beyond Bali’s shores. The feel-good event was attended by Melissa Lynton, Krisana and Sarjan Santos, Harry Apostolidis, Saxton Looker, Luli and Charles Orchard, Monica Guha, Magg Barry, Michelle Lamb, Paul Ropp, Arki Kotzamichalis, Angie Vesti, Fifi Kerr, Gustav, Natalia Wirantha, Rasmini, Anita le Coco, Mary Justice, Tabitha, Stephanie Breen, Judy Flax and Kevin and Jan Lovett.