Emergency Response Service Indonesia

We provide a Service to those in need when unexpected events demand a fast appropriate response to situations that are of serious concern.

Based upon over twenty years experience of responding to all manner of emergencies in the Archipelago we are available when requested.

Perhaps our most notable response was to the Bali bombings.  We were the primary responders to the first bombing working with local agencies and the Australian government,

We organised and co-ordinated initial evacuations and the entire plethora of issues surrounding the first 96 hours of the bombing. We were also amongst the first responders for the second bombing.  For more detail see www.rsis.edu.sg/.../RSIS_APPSNO%202009%20Report_080609.pdf   page 14

We continue to respond on a daily basis to all manner of calls for assistance; the areas we are practiced in involve assisting people with medical problems through out the archipelago.

This service provided pro- bono is greatly appreciated by people confronted with challenging medical emergencies. Our recommendations are free of charge and based upon over twenty years of developing responses taking into account available resources and limitations imposed by local conditions.

We develop responses devoid of financial consideration. We have no financial interest in the solutions we suggest. There is no conflict of interest we recommend the most appropriate course of action, suggesting the most suitable professional agency for the circumstances that we are presented with.

There is not a week that goes by without us responding to a request for help. We do not advertise or promote or in any way seek situations to respond to. 

This service evolved over two decades; it is appreciated for its integrity. The rarefied air of this approach allows us to work free of secondary or political consideration, the assistance we are able to render provides a reward that is understood by all those who serve others across the globe, we are honoured to stand amongst them.


They were talking about amputating his leg and I didn't know what to do.

My friend had been a passenger on a motor bike driven by a french friend of his and they had a horrific accident. The driver had died and my friend was in a really bad way.

He had no health Insurance policy and to my knowledge no massive amounts of money lying around to pay for an Air Ambulance evacuation and a large deposit for a Singapore hospital.

So I called Richard Flax, he listened to the story and then said Ok Steve, just do as I tell you and we will sort this out for you. NO amputation he said ... 

He and his team put me in touch with an Air Ambulance company at a far lower price than I had been quoted. Then he explained to me what was needed to make it all happen financially and how a credit card even a gold one would not take a massive hit on a weekend from Indonesia, and what it would take to initiate the evacuation, we brain stormed a solution. The hospital then stabilised his leg ( no amputation ) so he could fly and then we set about activating the process. 

The Air ambulance company worked with us and we managed to organise enough funds to get the plane on the way as swiftly as possible

We got him to Singapore very quickly and he went straight into surgery, the doctors were not sure if they could save his leg and he had to go into surgery a second time the next day. Time was of the essence but they did manage to save his leg. 

I can't thank you enough for your sterling advice throughout all of this & my friend will be in touch for sure once he's back on the go.

He has a long road ahead but it could of been so much worse of which he is fully aware.

Your team were magnificent from start to finish & made a very stressful situation more than comfortable while under extreme pressure.

I just wanted to thank you for this service provided entirely without pay or recompense, thank you for your dedication in helping a total stranger, great work guys. 

Kind Regards

Steve Collenson

Bali  25 th January 2013 

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